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The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus - Beauty Will Save The World (2015)
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#228079 4.11.2017 23:47

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Artist: The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus
Release: Beauty Will Save The World
Year: 2015
Genre: Psychedelic Neofolk
Label: Occultation Recordings
Origin: United Kingdom Image
Size: 123 MB
Format/Bitrate: mp3@cbr320kbps

1 Song Of The Soul 8:06
2 All Is Grace 3:19
3 Après Le Temps 3:17
4 Procession 5:14
5 The Bright Field 3:07
6 Suspended On A Cross 3:47
7 A Crowd Of Stars 3:09
8 Repentance-Sama 12:16
9 After The End 2:35
10 Before The Ending Of The Day 9:36
Release length: 54:26


Addional information: Clarinet, keyboard, voice – Paul Boyce
Harmonium, melodica, organ, voice – Jon Egan
Percussion, piano, concertina, harmonica, guitar – Leslie Hampson

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#228103 5.11.2017 15:52

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Не знаю насчёт квлт, но вообще это довольно странная смесь всего со всем: помню у них прям куски из Current 93 и Арво Пярта, причём чуть ли не подряд.
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