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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register?

Registered users have a lot of privileges:
- Full and free access to our FTP-server using own personal creditorials (useful while downloading whole albums);
- Ability to use PM on the Heavy Music Archive Forums;
- Own profile page, that includes common personal information, musical preferences, visited gigs and stats etc...;
- Ability to add bands and topics in your bookmarks or to subscribe on forums and topics, view other users profiles;
- Feature to mark gigs you are going to visit;
- Access to post new topics, releases and messages on our forums;
- Ability to use friendlist, ignore lists and to set preferences of web-site;
This is not a complete list of features available to registered users. We are constantly improving our web-site, this list is expanding..

Is it possible to download an album or a whole discography by one-click?

At the moment, directly through the site you can download music only track-by-track. To download entire albums or discographies we recommend to use FTP-protocol, which is designed specifically for transfering files. This is a standard protocol, so you do not need any addional software to use it (but it is recommended to use special software). For accessing FTP-server you need to be registered user. More details about reaching FTP-server is provided on this page

How to connect to FTP-server?

To use FTP you need software that supports FTP-connection. We recommend using one of the following free programs to work with FTP: XFTP, SmartFTP, Filezilla or shareware CuteFTP. To connect to the server, run an FTP-client (program) in the host (host) insert a row with the details on this page and press Enter. You can also use the built-in Internet Explorer FTP-client by inserting the string directly into the browser window, but it is the most imperfect client that does not support resuming and many other features. We do not recommend using the built-in IE FTP-client. If you have any problems connecting to the FTP-server, you can ask your question in the appropriate topic on the forum.

Is it possible to upload music on the server?

Currently we have enough music. Despite this, we welcome initiatives for our users. We have certain requirements for the injected material: you can upload albums with a bitrate of 256 and prescribed ID3-tags (except rare releases). Content must be packed in RAR or ZIP archives. All materials not conforming these requirements will be removed. To download using the FTP protocol and the following details: Releases, uploaded by users, are published out with some delay.

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