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Dropfist - Exp.Edition [EP] (2019)
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#237380 29.08.2019 15:53

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Artist: Dropfist
Release: Exp.Edition [EP]
Year: 2019
Genre: Thrash/groove/heavy metal
Label: DK
Origin: Ukraine Image
Size: 455 MB
Format/Bitrate: flac1900kbps

1. See, Feel This
2. Insane
3. System
4. Expedition
5. Destroy The Reality
6. Mindblast
Release length: 34:45


Addional information: Anger, hate and misery - endless sources of inspiration. We came here not to let you fall. We came to say that you are not alone. Music of protest - is greatest thing what helps us to stick together to counter the cruel order and injustice. Debut album.

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#237382 29.08.2019 17:56

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А чего аннотация на басурманском?
"ты - грамотный пидорг" - комплимент или оскорбление? (с) TDM

Макс, вот скажи, ты про морковку на вопрос "Это разве хер?" тоже отвечаешь "А почему нет? По длине любому херу не уступит"? (с) MeatWolf
#237386 29.08.2019 21:22

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MaxStajner wrote:А чего аннотация на басурманском?

Украiна - це Эуропа!
HMA Southern/Stoner Squad
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