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Архив новостей

07.10 // Good news here
Hi guys! Good news here: we've fully recovered all of our services (including music archive, FTP server, fully-functional radio broadcasting and the remaining things). Thanks for your patience and let's hope such crashes won't happen again. Enjoy!

27.09 // We're recovering main server
It took us a while to recover the root server, but we are making final touches to get it working. During this period our radio broadcasting was working from the backup server in limited mode, but probably in the nearest days we will recover the full-featured broadcasting back. Thanks for your patience!

07.09 // Some news
Dear visitors! In the last two weeks we had another faulty in our disk arrays, which disrupted our services. To prevent this in future, we would need to replace some hardware. At this point the archive is temporarily unavailable and we're recovering the radio broadcasting from the backup server. Within this month we'll recover availability of music archive. Stay tuned!

13.07 // Great news!
We are glad to inform you that we've fully recovered the whole archive, which has been lost due massive hardware failure. FTP, radio and web site are available and fully accessible. Thanks for patience & support!
Рады сообщить, что сегодня были завершены работы по восстановлению музыкального архива, FTP-сервера и штатной работы он-лайн радиостанции.

09.07 // Radio back online
We've recovered our broadcasting, it's still from the backup server, but we are doing our best to recover the whole archive and turn on the normal radio broadcasting from separate server. Probably it will take few more weeks, meanwhile please enjoy our online radio station. Sorry for inconvenience!

08.07 // Radio unavalibility
Our online broadcasting will be unavailable in period between 8.07 and 9.07 due repairs and maintenance works on server. Soon we will recover the whole musical archive too. We are doing our best to recover the normal functionality of the resource. Thanks for your patience!

18.06 // Situation with music arc
We've got some details regarding the situation: as usual, there are some good and bad news: due massive hardware failure our whole music storage has been corrupted. Also we decided to close the clips section it's lost and outdated. The good news is that we are recovering our huge collection from the backups so it will be available online again, but it would take some time. Stay tuned!

11.06 // Technical problems
We have some temporary problems on our server. Looking forward to fix them as soon as possible. Forums are working at the moment, but the whole music archive is temporarily unavailable.
UPD: we've launched our online broadcasting from backup source.

We will keep you informed!

24.02 // Unofficial radio app
Thanks to one of our users Voortex it is now possible to listen our online radio on any Android-based device not only from annoying browser. He released his own app on Play Market, so you may install it on your device and simply tune in to our online radio. We haven't developed and do not support that app, but we liked it and even added a link on our radio web-site :) Enjoy and stay tuned!

03.01 // Happy 2019!
Hi all. It's already 16 years since we started to serve tons of music to our audience. As you can notice, there are no serious improvements for the latest few years, but we continue to maintain our servers, sometimes expand the collection and actively support our online radio. We will do our best to keep all of this alive for many more years. Listen the music you like and enjoy your life! Cheers


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