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Архив новостей

01.06 // Radio update
Today we've updated our radio rotation playlists and added some minor changes to broadcasting grid. Amount of our followers on TuneIn is almost 5K. Please don't forget leave feedback if you are a TuneIn user :) This would help us to improve our radio station.

29.04 // Offline period
We would like to sorry for the long offline period. It was caused due serious problems of our ISP and affected also backup channel. Right now the problem is solved and we are preparing all services to ordinary work.

20.04 // Mail server fixed
Today we've fixed a problem on our mail server, which prevented sending any e-mails from the server. That's the reason why new registered users were unable to activate their account and use password recovery. All lost mail messages has been re-sent. We kindly ask you to report any problems on our forums...

18.04 // Закрытие "афиши"
Уважаемые пользователи, вынуждены сообщить, что раздел "афиша" на нашем портале прекращает своё существование. Старые фоторепортажи по-прежнему доступны, однако анонсы новых мероприятий публиковаться не будут. Советуем пользоваться афишей либо сервисом

12.03 // Radio back online
We are very sorry for a few-days-pause on our on-line radio station due some technical aspects. Today we've recovered the broadcasting process, so radio is back to air now. Have fun!

20.01 // Radio improvements
Tonight we've improved our radio broadcasting schedule, so you will get a better playlist rotation mechanism for your ears :) Enjoy recently added music more often... Stay tuned!
Сегодня ночью мы значительно улучшили механизм ротации новых треков на радио. Наслаждайтесь!

11.01 // Short delay on broadcasting
Yesterday we had a short delay in broadcasting of Heavy Music Archive Radio due some maintenance works. Today we've updated a playlist and recovered the broadcasting functionality, so radio is on air again. Stay tuned!

01.01 // Happy 2014
The whole Heavy Music Archive team would like to congratulate the whole world visitors and music tasters with a beginning of 2014! We wish you good luck, lots of pure magnificent music and a lot of time during the year, when you can enjoy your life! Be happy and stay tuned ;) Happy 2014!


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