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на русском

United Kingdom
Formed in:
1988 (currently active)
Moscow gigs*:
September 2013, October 2009, July 2008, December 2007, September 2005
Band's pages:
Page on Metal Archives | Page on MusicBrainz | Page on Last.FM
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Available albums:

Releases on forum:
  Paradise Lost (2005)
Icon (1993)
Host (1999)
Symbol Of Life (2002)
Lost Paradise (1990)
Gothic (1991)
Draconian Times (1995)
Shades Of God (1992)
Plague Within (2015)
In Requiem (2007)
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (2009)
Believe In Nothing (2001)
One Second (1997)
Tragic Idol (2012)
Medusa (2017)

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