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We have RECOVEERED the broadcasting of our online radio streaming. We recommend to proceed at to listen. Thanks for patience.

Formed in:
1983 (currently split-up)
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Available albums:

Releases on forum:
  Bathory (1984)
Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1987)
Twilight Of The Gods (1991)
Blood Fire Death (1988)
Jubileum Volume I [Best Of/Compilation] (1992)
Jubileum Volume II [Best Of/Compilation] (1993)
Blood On Ice (1996)
Jubileum Volume III [Best Of/Compilation] (1998)
Nordland I (2002)
Nordland II (2003)
In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. I [Best Of/Compilation] (2006)
In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. II [Best Of/Compilation] (2006)
In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. III [Best Of/Compilation] (2006)
Octagon (1995)
The Return...... (1985)
Hammerheart (1990)
Destroyer Of Worlds (2001)
Requiem (1994)

Here you can download full discography: all albums of Bathory in MP3 format (320 kbps). Heavy Music Archive is one of the largest free archives of metal music. На нашем сайте Вы можете бесплатно скачать полную дискографию: все альбомы группы Bathory в MP3 (320 kbps). Heavy Music Archive это крупнейший свободный архив зарубежной тяжёлой музыки.
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