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Herman Frank - Loyal To None (2009)

It's a shame I didn't know Herman Frank. Of course, I've heard good things about Accept but their lead-singer's voice made me turn away. Archaic, worm-eaten heavy metal for old farts, that's what I thought of Accept and Herman Frank in particular. I repent and beat my breast, I was wrong. At least concerning Herman.

If not the participation of Jioti Parcharidis, a stellar singer whom I like a lot, I wouldn't even try to find and listen to this album. That would be a total flunk if I didn't. Herman Frank, this decent aged man with grey hair, knows much more about pure heavy metal in the raw than any of those newcomers to the stage. He's an incredibly skilled and technical guitar-player, but he doesn't fall into the sin of grandstanding (which is very typical for the majority of guitar-"virtuoso" guys). He just composed 10 songs of classic straight-line heavy metal in the vein of German metal stalwarts such as Grave Digger and Running Wild (actually, Grave Digger is the name that sprang to my mind most often as I was listening to Loyal To None). Jioti is singing like devil here, just listen to 7 stars, Kill The King, Down To Valley. At first I was slightly abashed by his new, more aggressive image, but it was a matter of one minute to see how versatile this guy's voice is!

I highly recommend Loyal To None to oldschool German heavy metal fans (and fans of Grave Digger like me should grab this!). This will definitely be one of the best albums of the year in the genre and one of the best albums overall in my charts

Ah, and I forgot: Stefan Schwarzmann's assault and battery included!

Review by Dismayer

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