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Frequency - Compassion Denied (2008)

Despite the participation of Rick Altzi (At Vance, Sandalinas) this release sounds a bit heavier than his other projects. This CD has a hint of modern metal in places (quite a few after a subsequent listen), the guitars are very downtuned. The first track already strikes the listener with very heavy and tight riffs. Sometimes this sounds like angry power metal, which Brainstorm, Symphorce or Heed play.

The main drawback of this release is the lack of memorable choruses and melodies. Though Rick Altzi sings pretty well here, he doesn't deliver any inspiring vocal melodies (remember Sandalinas or At Vance). I personally think that Frequency requires a somewhat lower and more aggressive tone of voice, while Altzi is better fit to perform with hard rock/power metal bands.

Daniel Heiman (ex-Lost Horizon), a legendary man in the world of power metal, performs guest vocal duties on Compassion Denied, but he's not as impressive as even in Heed.

P.S.: This release will suit the likes of those who prefer heavy metal with crunchy, sometimes modern riffs. The production of Frequency is flawless, but the soul is missing somewhere. Though Compassion Denied grew on me after a couple of listens, still I would recommend to focus on bands of a better calibre.

Review by Dismayer

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