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  TEOTWAWKI (2009)
1. Where Serpents Dwell (7 MB) 8:07 
Where Serpents Dwell
 Hanging Garden - Where Serpents Dwell
2. The Blackbirds (11 MB) 11:40 
The Blackbirds
 Hanging Garden - The Blackbirds
3. Hands That Decay (11 MB) 12:33 
Hands That Decay
 Hanging Garden - Hands That Decay
4. Times of Disgrace (11 MB) 11:46 
Times of Disgrace
 Hanging Garden - Times of Disgrace
5. Wolves Cry Out (14 MB) 15:11 
Wolves Cry Out
 Hanging Garden - Wolves Cry Out
6. Oceans Away (10 MB) 11:15 
Oceans Away
 Hanging Garden - Oceans Away
7. The Fires of Sheol (11 MB) 12:03 
The Fires of Sheol
 Hanging Garden - The Fires of Sheol
8. Inherit the Eden (8 MB) 9:01 
Inherit the Eden
 Hanging Garden - Inherit the Eden
Total lenght: about 92 minutes
Average bitrate: VBR
Total size: 84 MB

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