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Falconer - Sceptre Of Deception (2003)

As Mathias Blad decided to quit Falconer (oh, what a shame!) the fans of the band were polarized. The majority were sure that the band was dead 'cos Blad's singing was a unique trademark of the band. The rest (including me) were hoping to get some good material from Weinerhall when he was not supported by a class-act singer. Though the newly recruited vocalist didn't even come close to Mathias (is there anyone on this planet who does?) he was not a disappointment at all - Kristoffer Gobel has got a very distinctive and theatrical voice that fits the music of Falconer pretty well.

Sceptre Of Deception looks like a small conceptual rock-opera to me. Though we've got mainly one singer, the lyrics are so theatrical and the music on this release is very associational. Hey, people, just forget about the old singer and check out the songwriting (which is close to stellar as usual with this band)! This release doesn't have a single weak spot and the singer does his job so well I'm starting to forget that Falconer were a different entity just a couple of years ago! 10 songs of great power/heavy metal with huge folk influences is what we get this time - typical trademark riffs and solos of Weinerhall meet folk melodies and varied vocal performance. Trail Of Flames, Hooves Over Northland (wow!), Pledge For Freedom, Ravenhair, Sceptre Of Deception are my all-time favorites

You just have to get rid of the feeling that this is Blad's band and try to search for fresh perception in order to get this.

Review by Dismayer

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